Introduction to Coaching Psychology​


Intakes in

Designed for learners:

  • who wish to gain an understanding of the practice of coaching/mentoring and to have the core skills;

  • likely to be working with others using coaching/mentoring conversations to support and encourage the development of skills or performance;

  • who wish to use a coaching/mentoring approach within their own field or role and clearly understand how their coach/mentor role integrates with their vocational role.

Theory models

Skills practice

Reflection review

Plan process

Learners can be expected to:


  • Base their approach on a psychological model or framework of coaching/mentoring

  • Practise and maintain ethical and professional standards of conduct

  • Manage the coaching/mentoring contract

  • Develop a coaching/mentoring relationship

  • Understand and use of self in coaching/mentoring

  • Enable insight and learning

  • Coach/mentor for change

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of coaching/mentoring

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