Can I work as a Coach/Mentor after completing the course?


Yes you can. Upon completing the Senior Practitioner Qualification to Coaching Psychology or Mater's level courses, you will have the confidence, knowledge and practical skills to help others make lasting changes in their lives. You will also have learned how to establish a successful coaching business and have the ongoing optional support of Coaching and Mentoring Asia, 2wardsustainability LLP.


Which course should I do, the Senior Practitioner or Masters?


To make this decision, you need to consider a few initial questions such as: What do you plan to do with your Coaching Psychology qualification? What level of knowledge do you want when you start practising? Within what time frame would you like to complete the course? And how much do you want to invest in your Continuing Professional Development/Education (CPD/E)? Determining your goals for each of these questions will help determine which course to enrol in.


If I had studied before, can I get academic credit for the course?


If you have been working in a related field or have completed related study, you may be able to gain exemption from certain parts of the course via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). That is, you can gain your qualification without having to repeat area that you already have competence in. This, however, is subjected to approval on a case-by-case basis, and Coaching and Mentoring Asia reserves the right to reject any application.


I don't have any qualification and have not studied for a long time. Do you think I can study with Coaching and Mentoring Asia?


You can start with the Foundation or Introduction to Coaching Psychology first and see if you are comfortable with engaging in the learning experience from an adult learner perspective. Adult education assumes the learner to be self-motivated and self-initiated in their learning pursuit. Our learning materials are designed to assist you with ease of understanding and practice. The programmes require you to be hands-on and apply the learning in your work or personal life. The reflection of experience provides the basis for learning activities.



I've been coaching people for years, why do I need a qualification now?


By gaining a coaching qualification now, you achieve two very important things:

  1. You put a framework, methodology and process around the natural skills and abilities you have as a coach and mentor - skills and abilities you may have put into practice throughout your working and personal life to date.

  2. You'll receive immediate recognition, acknowledgement and credibility from your work colleagues and potential clients, which will significantly add to your confidence and ability to continue making a difference in their lives as a trusted confidant.

If you already have practical experience as a Coach or Mentor but no formal qualifications, you may be alienating yourself from the unlimited opportunities professional coaching and mentoring will provide in the future.

When can I enrol as a learner?


Because of the self-paced nature of the programmes, you are able to enrol at any time throughout the year. Learner support is available all year round. The earlier you start, the earlier we will be able to start working with you to help you achieve your goal of becoming a professional Coach or Mentor.


However if you are looking to attend our public trainings, which we highly recommend, please note that the various modules run on a specific schedule. Contact us early for a timetable and reserve a place early to avoid any disappointment. We typically close applications 2 months before the actual course date.


Do I have to complete my study in a specified time?


Yes. While our programmes are designed to allow you to work and study at a pace that suits your needs and lifestyle, we highly recommend for the Practitioner Qualification to be completed within 2 years, and Senior Practitioner Qualification to be completed within 3 years. You may request for extension due to unforeseen circumstances. This is subjected to approval on a case-by-case basis.


I really want to gain an internationally recognised qualification in Coaching and Mentoring. How do I commence on the study?


Application to be a learner with Coaching and Mentoring Asia is made by completing the Application Form and returning it along with your payment to the address on the form. You can also choose to send in your application first and pay later via our online system. Subscribe for a free application toolkit now.


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