FOUNDATION + positive psychology, assessment, practitioner skills, ethical practice, personal/life coaching

Designed for learners:


who will either be working as an internal coach/mentor, use coaching/ mentoring as part of their main job, or starting up as an external coach/mentor;


who are likely to be working with a small range of clients/contexts and within own area of experience to improve performance, build confidence, and stretch capability;


who will typically be able to apply a limited range of models, tools, and processes.

Positive psychology

Psychological assessments

Practitioner skills

Practise ethically

Learners can be expected to:


Use several established tools/techniques to help client work towards outcome


Manage the coaching/mentoring contract effectively


Empathise and build a supportive relationship


Build on self-awareness and the use of self in coaching/mentoring


Raise awareness and make connections between feelings, thoughts, and action


Assist client to effectively plan their action, review progress and commitment


Use a formal feedback process


Demonstrate commitment to self-development through supervision

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