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PRACTITIONER + learning, developmental psychology, health/wellbeing, career, workplace, executive, business coaching

Designed for learners:


who will practise as professional coaches/mentors and can draw on a range of models and frameworks;


who are or wish to work with a range of clients, contexts and organisations;


whose focus of work will be building capacity for progression, managing complex and challenging relationships, working with ambiguity and change.

7 specialisation modules to choose from:

Personal/life, health and well-being

Career coaching (for youth, adults)

Workplace, executive, business coaching

Learners can be expected to:


Draw on a range of models and frameworks to coaching/mentoring


Manage the coaching/mentoring contract effectively and ethically - even in ambiguous and/or conflicted situations


Enhance self-management and the use of self with varied and often complex client issues in demanding contexts


Attend to and work flexibly with the client


Apply a systems perspective to building understanding and insight


Explore with client their approach to change, including alternative pathways


Establish rigorous evaluation processes


Proactively engage in continuous professional development

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